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About our Federation

Why establish a Federation?

It is no secret that changes are happening rapidly in the way primary and secondary care are working together. We are seeing shifts in funding for our practices which impact on service provision. As clinicians, healthcare professionals and practice managers, we are the people on the ground with a clear view of all the issues, and it is vital that we are involved in discussions around the bigger picture and future plans for our NHS.

Working as a Federation gives us a more important and cohesive voice when working with the CCG, the hospital Trusts and Bradford Care Alliance. We have a real say in what happens in our local community and play a vital role in determining the care for our patients.

With the Government now pushing for the provision of primary care beyond the current core hours to ease pressure on overstretched A&E departments and hospitals, working together means we can expand our service hours and our core services to provide better, immediate and more local care for all our patients.

Who are Trust Primary Care?

We are a formally constituted Federation of 20 practices located in and around the City of Bradford. Trust Primary Care Limited is registered in England and Wales, Company Number: 09147175.

Our member practices are:

Ashcroft Surgery
Baildon Medical Practice
Bingley Medical Practice
Bowling Hall and Highfield Medical Practice
Farrow Medical Centre
The Grange Medical Practice
Horton Bank Top Surgery
Horton Park Surgery
Idle Medical Centre
Mayfield Surgery
Moorside Surgery
Oak Glen Surgery
Parklands Surgery
The Ridge Medical Practice
Rockwell & Wrose Surgery
Saltaire Medical Practice
Springfield Surgery
Wilsden Medical Practice
Windhill Green Medical Centre

How is TPC managed?

TPC is headed up by a Board comprising seven people, representatives from seven of the practices in the Federation, including both management staff and GPs to give a balanced view.

The TPC Board is also active in the wider Bradford healthcare community, including the CCG, CCF, LMC and ACB amongst others. Two TPC Board members also sit on the board of the Bradford Care Alliance, one of whom is the Chair, so TPC is well represented and able to effectively influence developments moving forward.

Into the future

TPC is the voice of 20 established GP practices, providing expanded services for patients, working to shape the future of primary care.

The benefits

  • Improved governance by a broader group of clinicians working together
  • Ability to share consultant governance and training costs
  • Better response to the peaks and toughs of activity across our services
  • Improved continuity of care
  • Shared costs