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What does the Bradford PCWTH offer?

We provide practice training placements for learners to develop the competencies needed to work effectively in primary and community care settings, enabling integrated learning opportunities.

Our placements include:-


Undergraduate Nurse Placements

“A GP nurse placement really opened my eyes to a lifelong career. I couldn’t wait to graduate and now love my job as a practice nurse.”
Safia, Nurse at Parklands.

Where they have a suitable mentor, practices in the Hub area can become Spoke Practices. (Please note: experienced staff can attend a SLiP course to become a mentor, and mentors become sign-off mentors after assuming responsibility for two placements.)

Spoke practices are allocated undergraduate nurses for 8-12 week placements and receive £120 per week for the duration of the placement, in return for mentoring and introducing Primary Care nursing as a career option.

Trust Primary Care’s PCWTH provides support in a number of ways:

  • We liaise with HEIs (universities and colleges) on student numbers, capacity and allocation
  • We support practices with any queries over placements
  • We organise evaluations of placements
  • We ensure IPL (inter-professional learning) on placements and feedback
  • We contribute to ATP workshops (every 6 months) and quarterly steering groups to ensure sustained scheme quality


GPN (General Practice Nursing) Ready Scheme

This Scheme provides support for practices that are willing to appoint a new NMC registered nurse and develop them over a period of two years to become proficient general practice nurses (GPNs).

  • Financial support is provided for education and training during the preceptorship period for newly registered (within the last 9 months) NMC nurses or Return-to-Practice nurses who are new to primary care. These can be full or part time employees.
  • There is a financial incentive of up to £8k over a two year period for a FTE nurse; £5k of this £8k funding is held by the PCWTH to be spent on the education and training of the GPN over their first two years of employment.

Trust Primary Care’s PCWTH provides support in a number of ways:

  • Offering advice on the likely support a new nurse will require as part of their preceptorship period.
  • Offering suggestions as to potential education practices may wish to consider for their new GPN.
  • Advice on availability of courses and also on which subjects previously employed GPN Ready Scheme nurses have sought education in.


HCA Apprenticeship Scheme

“Rest assured our HCA is our long term employee… she is going nowhere!”
Mark, Practice Manager in Airedale

  • This is a relatively new scheme, now in its third year, with Apprentices in 15 practices across the Bradford PCWTH area, rising to over 25 in October 2017. Apprentices are formally employed and embedded in practices.
  • The Scheme provides full training to Level 3 qualification over 12-18 months on day release, with sign-off from mentor and college tutors, supporting consistent delivery and sign-off of The Care Certificate.
  • There is funding of £6,800 per apprentice for each practice involved. (Please note: there is now a requirement for practices to pay £300 towards the apprenticeship levy, which is subtracted from this pot.)

Trust Primary Care’s PCWTH provides support in a number of ways:

  • We liaise with colleges to develop the course and assist practices with recruitment and the assessment process.
  • We arrange additional training where necessary and provide support to PMs and mentors in practices with apprentices.
  • We arrange evaluations of placements and attend steering group and assessment meetings to ensure sustained quality of training provision.


Prince’s Trust Work Placements

  • Working with the Prince’s Trust, our PCWTH will soon be helping to co-ordinate 4-6 weeks placements in practices across Bradford, giving young people the chance of some useful work experience and training.
  • These work placements will give young people a taste of what working in the NHS, and specifically Primary Care, can offer them and hopefully improve their skills and confidence.

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